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What's Important to a Luxury Home Buyer?

Laura Jewett November 27, 2021

Paradise Valley is often considered the epicenter of luxury in the greater Phoenix area. This is due in large part to the expansive acre lots, sweeping mountain and golf course views, luxurious shopping destinations around every corner, and the prestige that only this area can conjure. Luxury homes in this area range from downright decadent to pleasantly indulgent. Having built several homes in this coveted zip code, we have become keenly aware of the needs and desires of the discerning group of affluent buyers that call this townhome. While all of these prerequisites cross over to nearly all buying populations, the level of expectation for over-the-top amenities is unique to the luxury home buyer.

1. Smart Homes

State-of-the-art home automation is now expected, particularly since many of these are second or third homes, and buyers want the ability to monitor and control them from wherever they are. Luxury home buyers want to be able to control everything from the basics of lighting, temperature, locks, and cameras to fireplaces, water features, audio/visual components, mist systems, and appliances – basically, they want every electrical component of the home to be accessible, controllable and programmable from the palm of their hand. 

2. Open Concept Living

Luxury homes take open-concept living to the next level by seamlessly marrying indoor spaces with outdoor spaces using disappearing walls of glass and pocket doors. This creates the ultimate in entertaining spaces with outdoor living rooms, kitchens, and dining spaces that maintain the level of luxury and character of their interior counterparts.

3. Specialized Spaces

Luxury homes are all about lifestyle and creating an environment that is superbly unique to its occupants. Movie night takes on a whole new meaning in luxury homes featuring stadium-style seating with plush recliners and state-of-the-art sound and picture technology. Other spaces that were once considered extravagant and are now commonplace in the luxury market are private gyms, spa and massage rooms, restaurant-style bars, wine and tasting rooms, elaborate game rooms and expansive showroom garages. The possibilities are as endless as the imaginations of the home’s occupants.

4. Resort Style Backyards and Grounds

Creating an outdoor environment that maximizes a property's natural attributes and views, creates a sense of privacy and seclusion, AND contains all the amenities of a five-star resort is the ultimate goal of a luxury home. Incredible views are one of the most highly desired features for the luxury home buyer. Keeping these views for the exclusive pleasure of the home’s occupants and their guests with mature landscaping and gates is also key. The cherry on the top is the inclusion of amenities like resort-style pools that can include water and fire features, swim-up bars, infinity edges, and a myriad of other distinctive elements. Other backyard features can include tennis, racquet, or sports courts, lawn game sports courts such as bocce ball, putting greens, pool houses and cabanas, fireplaces and firepits, playgrounds, private gardens, meditation gardens or any other number of amenities that meet the specialized lifestyle needs of the occupants.

5. High-End Finishes and Appliances

It goes without saying that luxury home buyers expect luxury finishes. Beautiful and exotic materials create the jewelry of the home and give it its unique charm. Custom ceiling details, unique architectural details, incredible chandeliers and lighting fixtures, custom fireplace fascia, stone accents, and custom paint finishes are just a few of the details that all collaborate to take a luxury home from average to exceptional. 

This represents a generalized list of what this group of buyers frequently look for or expect in a luxury home, but of course, every buyer is delightfully unique. We spend a great deal of time in the buyer interview process to pinpoint the specific needs and desires of our clients to find them the perfect home. We give the same attention to detail to a first-time buyer navigating the real estate market for the first time to the seasoned pro buying the ultimate in luxury. Just as no two homes are alike, we know that no two buyers are alike and we are proud to be their trusted advisor!

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