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What's Your Property Worth?

It's no secret that people are turning to their smartphones and technology to guide them with information and decisions. The Real Estate industry is littered with technology to give you the most updated data feeds on the housing market and your home's value. But what about technology tailored for your actual mortgage and the ways to build cash flow or save interest?
Meet Homebot, a sophisticated service we are providing to all our clients at no cost who have completed a real estate transaction with us. This service allows our clients to see their potential equity and show them what a possible refinance looks like in the future. It also tells clients what their home might rent for on popular sites like and It's a handy update our clients will receive once a month. 

Sound like something you would like? Awesome! You can subscribe to these updates on your home at no cost. Even better is you share it with your family and friends. Click Here or enter below.

The question most people ask is "why do I need this?" Everyday I discuss the benefits of home ownership and how a home's equity can improve monthly cash flow or open the opportunity to pay off debt or start a business. A home is a vehicle in addition to a place to live, that has helped many of our clients realize a tremendous amount of savings on interest and building wealth. One of our clients recently paid off their debt selling their home and had plenty of equity left over for a down payment on a new home. There are many strategies for using your home's equity. Homebot can give you ideas and solutions. 
Homebot is a tool that empowers clients with detailed information about their mortgage and not a guesstimate as to their home's value but real data. Data is pulled from recent sales and rental rates (in a given area) and presented in an interactive way. You can also plan and estimate how consistent principle reduction payments will save you on interest and pay your mortgage off sooner. 

Great news! Homebot is a great tool for Buyers wanting to find homes meeting their budget. The Buyer features let's you locate homes and get a sense of price per square foot and homes that are available at your price point. It's a good tool if you are relocating and complements the work your Realtor does on your behalf. It does not replace your Real Estate agent, but gives buyers an opportunity to see the data for the area from a bird's eye view. Contact us directly for more on how to set this up! 
All of this is FREE and doesn't cost you a thing. It's our way of continuing to say thank You for trusting us with your family's home.

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