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You need a specialized team to navigate the nuances of loan assumptions as they are still a bit of the wild west  when it comes to the rules. Your standard loan prequalification from your lender will not work in these scenarios. We have an expert team ready to help you navigate this often-overlooked opportunity! And some assumptions are even open to investors! Contact us to find out more or begin your search today!


Did you know your home loan can be worth money?

Discover how your low-rate mortgage can be incredibly valuable for you and someone purchasing your home!

A mortgage assumption, simply put, is taking over another person’s mortgage with all its terms. This would include the remaining length of the loan, the INTEREST RATE AND PAYMENT, as well as the current balance. With the help of the right professionals, you can identify homes for sale that have assumable loans. Many on the market right now carry rates ranging between 2.25% and 5%. To put that in perspective, if you purchase a home with a $500,000 assumable loan with a 3% interest rate, your principal and interest payment would be $2108. Buying the same home with a current market rate of 7.75% would yield a payment of $3582. That’s a savings of over $1400 per month! With approximately 25% of the real estate market having assumable loans, there are more than enough options to choose from.

Laura Jewett

Laura Jewett

Certified Loan Assumption Specialist

It is so important to continue education as a real estate agent, and I am very proud to share that I have added another certification to my portfolio! I am now a certified loan assumption specialist. What does that mean you may wonder? Following training via the UMe program, I am equipped with the latest tools and resources to help you on both sides of the transaction. If you are buying, I am able to walk you through each step of the process to purchase a home with an assumable loan. For sellers, I am up-to-date on what it takes to certify a home loan as assumable and get your property pending and off the market asap.

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