Shop Local Gift Giving Guide

Laura Jewett January 24, 2024

If you're considering tangible gifts to show love to your valentines and valentines this month, consider supporting some of our favorite local small businesses with unique and thoughtful presents. 

Aster Earth

Aster Earth is a local company that provides a collection of bath and household products that are eco-conscious using no plastic packaging, no synthetics, and predominantly locally sourced ingredients. They have containers for purchase or encourage you to bring your own to refill with all of their fabulous products! They also just launched a skincare line that is completely naturally sourced and contains plant-based peptides, plant-based retinol, and hydrosols sourced from desert plants including sage and juniper. It is sure to give you an amazing natural glow! Check out the interview we did with the owner, Jessica Allen, of Aster Earth as well as her introduction to their new product line! Click here for more!

Scrub Studio Soaps

Laura’s (owner of Scrub Studio) vegan soaps are small batched and have been specifically formulated with natural oils or exotic butter. They are cold-processed which means they are created using the old-fashioned method, with cure times of 6-8 weeks. The love that is put into every soap is evident as each slice is made to look like a piece of art. Their line has been expanded to include skin balms, lip balms, body butter, sugar scrubs, and bath salts. With a passion for what she does, Laura loves to research and create new items through the feedback and ideas that she receives from her customers so if you have a unique gift idea for that special someone, I am sure she could help you bring it to fruition! Plus, all of their raw materials are made in the USA. Click here for more!

Starks Candle Co

Starks Candle Co. offers a very unique lineup of custom-made candles that are sure to please the senses! The owner, Carmen, is passionate about her art and would love to make a custom candle for that special someone in your life. You can even choose a unique and meaningful vessel to make your gift one of a kind! To celebrate the month of love Carmen has created a special heart dough bowl candle that features a deep, sultry rose scent that is sure to please the most discerning of candle lovers! Carmen will also host private candle-making parties which would be a unique and fabulous surprise for the candle lovers in your life! Check out the interview that we did with Carmen to learn more about her unique candles! Click here for more!


What do you get the person in your life that has everything? A custom-painted portrait of their fur baby of course! Imagine the look of joy and surprise as they see their best furry friend captured on canvas! Hannah has an array of original paintings and hand-painted goods as well to fill your walls and shelves with unique decor! Click here for more!

Red’s Zen Tea

If you have a loved one who is a tea drinker then you simply must try Melissa’s exquisite tea blends! The quality and flavor is unparalleled! She has developed an impressive assortment of quality handcrafted dessert tea blends for people who care about natural fuel for their body and performance. Give the gift that keeps on giving with Red’s Zen Tea Club! It is the easiest way to discover all of their loose-leaf teas! They also offer a limited-time Valentine’s Gift Box! 
Or if creating memories through experiences is your thing, join Certified Tea Master and Blend Specialist, Melissa Salazar, CEO of Red’s Zen Tea Co. in learning about tea. They offer Tea Tasting 101, Tea Blending, Tea Pairing, and Matcha classes! Click here for more!

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