Meet Melissa & Margo at Monarch Skin Lounge and Starkman Facial Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale

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From the moment you call our office to your final follow-up appointment, our goal is a personalized patient experience. Dr. Starkman has built his practice upon truly dedicating exceptional attention to every patient’s concerns in order to meet and exceed your expectations.

Describe Your Business:

At Starkman Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer facial plastic surgery for the face and neck. Our two main procedures are the Deep Plane Facelift and Neck Lift. At our Monarch Skin Lounge, we help people explore anti-aging treatments and maintenance. We have our post surgical patients that will come over and see us and we can talk about maintaining their results. Then our non surgical patients can come and get some education on how to prevent the signs of aging, how to improve their skin quality, and just how to age gracefully.

What are some of the of non surgical procedures performed in the Monarch Skin Lounge?

There are definitely a good list of injectable treatment options. Botox to help fight wrinkles, dermal fillers to help restore volume, & Sculptra to help stimulate collagen production. Then we have our less invasive treatments that address skin quality. So micro needling to stimulate collagen production, chemical peels to help resurface the skin and fight pigment conditions. We also have lasers available to address different issues like laser hair removal and pigmentation issues or texture concerns.

Tell us about your new skincare line

Our skincare line is medical grade skincare and is made to address all different types of skin concerns, whether it be anti-aging, whether it's acne, it's just the quality of the product is really wonderful. It allows us to give our patients something that's going to really improve the quality of their skin.

What is your favorite non surgical procedure?

The HydraFacial! It's a great rejuvenating treatment. They come in and they have a process of exfoliation followed by extraction. Then we use serums that have antioxidants and peptides that rejuvenate the skin. So they leave with a glow! Hydrafacials are a really great treatment to do once a month to reset your skin. So your products that you've invested in are absorbing well and working better.

Tell us about your new location:

When we built our new facility we really allocated for where we were running out of space at our previous facility. Now, we have so much more space to accommodate surgical versus non surgical. So our surgical patients can go for non surgical side and maintain those results, and be educated by Melissa how to do so. So everything, even surgery, is done under under one roof, which is nice.

Tell us the process a patient would experience at Starkman Plastic Surgery:

For a surgical procedure, they would meet in our consultation room to speak with our patient coordinator. They will go over any questions the patient has and schedule the procedure. They will go to our photo room to take progress photos. They then go to one of our consultations exam rooms where Dr. Starkman goes over the plan or treatment options that are looking at. One thing about our practice here is not only surgical, but non surgical is we like to educate. So you might come in thinking you need one thing when you meet with Dr. Starkman and they're able to educate you as to what really would be beneficial.

What is the best way to reach you?

You can start by going to We have so many before and after photos there for people to look at and get a sense of what we have to offer on both sides of the practice. We also have a site request for website leads that inquiries can be sent through, then our office reaches out with further information specific to their insterest. We of course have our phone number 480-680-8677. Want to stay up-to-date on the latest at the office? Follow along with us socially! @drsidstarkman and @monarchskinlounge

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