Love for the Other 364 Days of the Year + Our Mini Gift Guide

Laura Jewett January 30, 2023

Love is in the air! People tend to either love Valentine’s Day or hate it depending on their relationship status. This is unfortunate as a day devoted to showing others our love for them should not be reserved solely for Valentine’s Day or those in a romantic relationship. As Valentine’s Day has become so commercialized as a Hallmark holiday it has lost its true purpose of a day dedicated to being present in our loved one’s lives and showing them that we love and appreciate them. 
In my business and my life, I continue to look for ways to show love, appreciation, and gratitude every day. Love should truly be in the air every day! By approaching life with an attitude of gratitude, our love and appreciation for others will naturally be expressed. So how can we show true love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day without getting sucked into the commercialism of it all? And how do we carry this love and appreciation to those we love into our everyday lives? If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, bypass the status quo and think outside the box to truly give from your heart. But be careful not to let the pressure that this holiday can induce ruin everything that it should stand for. Let go of preconceptions, expectations and what retailers want you to believe. Showing love is not about jewelry, flowers, candy or even gifts at all. Knowing your special someone’s “love language” will help you immensely in determining how best to show them how much you care. Our "love language" describes how we receive love from others. According to author Gary Chapman, there are five love languages. They are:
Words of Affirmation: Saying supportive things to your partner
Acts of Service: Doing helpful things for your partner
Receiving Gifts: Giving your partner gifts that tell them you were thinking about them
Quality Time: Spending meaningful time with your partner
Physical Touch: Being close to and caressed by your partner
Each of us differs in the ways that we receive love. By learning to give love in the ways that our partner can best receive it, and by asking our partner to give us love in the ways that we can receive it, we can create stronger relationships.
I think everyone can agree that the more personal and thoughtful the gift, the more cherished the recipient feels. But a gift, as we have seen from above, does not have to be a tangible item. In our technology-crazed world, I think that one of the most overlooked gifts is the gift of our time and let me specify, our focused time. Often just taking the time to give someone your undivided attention is the best gift that we can give. So yes, this means silencing the cell phone. So this Valentine’s Day, whether it is with your kids, your spouse, your friends or other special someone, plan a day of togetherness focusing in on how you can show your love and appreciation for them in the way that they can best receive it. I think a lot of the pressure that is created by Valentine’s Day is because we reserve this one day to express a year’s worth of love. Instead, remember to treat each day as an opportunity to show love, gratitude and appreciation to the important people in your life.
If you are thinking about giving a tangible gift to your special someone, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite ideas that we feel are not only thoughtful and unique but also go the extra mile in supporting local small businesses and with some also support our health and the planet! Now that’s truly showing the love! 

BONUS! Our Gift Giving Guide

Aster Earth is a local company that provides a collection of bath and household products that are eco-conscious using no plastic packaging, no synthetics, and predominantly locally sourced ingredients. They have containers for purchase or encourage you to bring your own to refill with all of their fabulous products! They also just launched a skincare line that is completely naturally sourced and contains plant-based peptides, plant-based retinol and hydrosols sourced from desert plants including sage and juniper. It is sure to give you an amazing natural glow! Check out the interview we did with the owner, Jessica Allen, of Aster Earth as well as her introduction to their new product line!
Naomi and Ruth Boutique is a special place that was born out of passion and a mission to support other women-owned small businesses. They offer a specially curated collection of bath products, candles, jewelry, clothing, and gift items that is unique and so on trend. You are sure to find something unique and memorable for that special someone in your life! They can also host a private shopping experience for the special ladies in your life…how fun would it be to bring the shopping experience to your own home and treat them to an exclusive event tailored just for them! Reach out to the owner, Andrea, to learn more! And be sure to check out our interview with her to learn more about this amazing boutique and how it came to be – it is such a great story! They are also hosting a Be My Galentine Collection Launch featuring Scrub Studio Soaps on February 2, 2023, complete with bubbly and sweets! They have a full lineup of product launch events so be sure to follow them on Instagram
Starks Candle Co. offers a very unique lineup of custom-made candles that is sure to please the senses! The owner, Carmen, is passionate about her art and would love to make a custom candle for that special someone in your life. You can even choose a unique and meaningful vessel to make your gift one of a kind! To celebrate the month of love Carmen has created a special heart dough bowl candle that features a deep, sultry rose scent that is sure to please the most discerning of candle lovers! Carmen will also host private candle-making parties which would be a unique and fabulous surprise for the candle lovers in your life! Check out the interview that we did with Carmen to learn more about her unique candles!
The Merchanitle is not your average arts and crafts market! They are so much more, featuring over 70 local makers and artists at their boutique indoor markets, with two locations in Old Town Scottsdale and Phoenix. They work with local businesses, talented creators, and merchants to bring their products and services to a communal environment that everyone can feel a part of! A big way that they do this is through their events! Be sure to check out all of the fun things that they have going on throughout the year including their upcoming Galentine’s Event on February 11th! Hosted at their Phoenix location, it will include light sips and bites, live music, a dry flower bar, a permanent jewelry pop-up, and a free merch tote with $50+ purchase. With such an amazing collection of unique items, you are sure to find that perfect something that will show your loved one how well you know and appreciate them! And be sure to check out the interview we did with the co-owner, Kimberly Pak, to get a tour and overview of their Phoenix location!

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